Bonus- Fall 2017 Anime Preview

Since the Winter 2018 Anime Season is starting, lets look at my notes of the shows I dropped for the Fall 2017 because they were garbage. I watched 3 eps of each of these shows.

A very timely season preview post XD


  • Short about a coffee shop
  • It has a tsunder dog
  • Meh, how boring. How did this get made?

Blend S

  • Fucking garbage
  • Yay, it has one girl of every genre. How nice
  • Go watch ‘Working!’. It’s this but good

Black Clover

  • Stop fucking yelling
  • So much yelling
  • Why is he yelling as part o non-battle, normal conversation? Does the voice actor not know how to act?


  • Lots of deep cuts about anime culture.
  • Characters are pretty clique, story not interesting
  • ‘Gamers’ from last did this better. Or Genshiken for an anime club focus

Code realise:

  • Lupin? Thief? Why is this happening?
  • Lots of pretty boys
  • Steam punk Vampire Knight

Dynamic Chord

  • Yawn
  • Singing = shit
  • Immediate drop

Evil or Live

  • Somehow worse than Prison School
  • WTF tonal echanges in episode 2. Actually had a chance to be REALLy interesting with the way the direction chnaged but then they changed bakc and it was lame
  • I’m guessing the writing budget went into making the title almost a palindrome

Sho-bith girlfriend

  • Why did i expect anything form an anime with this title?
  • Whatever I expected, I was wrong. This was boring/dumb/shit
  • Why is this getting so much hype by Madman?

Dies Irae

  • Episode 0 gave me some vibes of Tanya the Evil, very interesting
  • Ep1-2, fucking yawn, direction change into cliche bullshit

Taison Chiccchai

  • Cute boy short
  • Yawn

Imouto sae ireba

  • Trash
  • About little sisters bbeing great. yay for another siscon anime
  • The worst of all the cons

Sengoku Night Blood

  • Oh this is a game advert
  • Reverse vampire harem? yawn
  • Go watch Sengoku no Night raid 1931. Entirely unrelated but has a similar title, is good and is the only reason I tried Night Blood.


  • No good anime involve singing
  • No good anime have chacarters with ‘pretty’ as a characteritic
  • Drop


  • What the fuck is happenening
  • Drop

UQ Holder

  • Meh
  • Big boob vampire, dumb yelling kid


  • Characters annoy me
  • Fashion as a concept annoys me
  • Art style annoys me

Two Car

  • No good anime involve bikes
  • Drop

Pkatarou no Lullaby

  • What even is this…

Yuki Yuuna Sa

  • Like Season 1 was ok I guess
  • Oh it’s a prequel? Of the least interesting character who’s story was fully sorted out. i think. i don’t really remember it and may have confused it with Symphogear
  • Magical Girls Raising Project was better. Go watch that

Blood Blockade Battlefront S2

  • Can people acknowledge that S1 wasn’t that good and the studio making it completely forgot to have any story until like episode 10 and ballsed up the production so hard the finale was too long and got delayed by months to the point no-one cared about it anymore?
  • S2 looked pretty much the same as Season 1.
  • Oh wait no, the protagonist is even weaker and dumber than he was in S1. Great

Were there any shows I missed? Chances are I couldn’t get subs for them without putting in more than 5 seconds of effort looking for some. or it was so bad i blocked it from memory or so bland it never got entered into my memory in the first place.

In summary- go watch Uchouten Kazoku instead of any of the above garbage.

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