Spring+Summer 2021

Ooft it’s been awhile. TL:DR- watch Itaden Deities as it’s fucking fantastic and the best new thing for ages, but also don’t watch it coz it’s got a huge tease ending so wait until there’s a Season 2 else you’ll get blue balled terribly (or some gender neutral equivalent). Biggest cliffhanger I’ve seen in years and I NEED TO FIND OUT HOW IT’S RESOLVED.

Anyway, what else was notable the last two seasons?

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2020/2021 Summer Hermit Hibernation

As is fast becoming an annual tradition, between work going into Christmas closure on Dec 24th and reopening on Jan 4th; I did my best to have zero human contact/interactions and spend the time lazing about watching random stuff and having no plan more than 15 minutes in advance. Was great, but felt especially brief this year compared to previous years. So here’s my comments on the stuff I watched:

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Autumn 2020 season review.

Another season is done and dusted and I’m really not sure how I feel about it. Maybe it’s just the ongoing COVID pandemic upsetting subconscious emotions (although we’re doing pretty well in Australia compared to other places) but this season felt weirdly unsatisfying. Not that things were bad but that things were really incomplete. And I found way more interest in several random shows I picked up apropos of nothing.

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Spring 2020 and more COVID stuff

A somewhat disrupted season- it seems like 3/4 of the shows this season were impacted and delayed due to production issues brought on by COVID (very reasonable- people shouldn’t get contagious illnesses so we can watch our Chinese cartoons!). Fortunately most of the delayed shows were shit so didn’t super affect me. And gave me some time to check out some other stuff.

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Winter 2020 Season Review and General Round Up

I feel that every anime season I say “this was a pretty bad season” or, at best, “this was a mediocre season” but this season seems to have been particularly disappointing.

For the first time since I started watching seasonal anime (circa 2013?) there isn’t a single show that I picked up from the season and then enjoyed watching all the way through. The handful of shows I’m still watching are either sequels (and even then I’ve dropped some sequels) or are shows I’m watching as a joke (because they are bad). Like normally I don’t start writing these reviews until three weeks after the season has finished. But I’m starting this one nearly two weeks before the next season starts. Madness. In particular I’m shocked at how many shows I got more than halfway through and then just stopped watching. Continue reading “Winter 2020 Season Review and General Round Up”

Summer Hermit 2019/2020 Bonus Watching

After the success of embracing a hermit lifestyle last year over the Christmas+New Year break; I was all guns blazing to do it again this year. And it was great. My original plan was to hit up the local streaming sites and work through the things I’ve bookmarked there. But then my landlord broke the home WiFi network and that was out of the picture. So instead I decided to work through the “Backlog” folder I have on my laptop and in doing so managed to clear out near 200GB worth of bluray quality anime. While also playing games and reading books and such. Continue reading “Summer Hermit 2019/2020 Bonus Watching”