2020/2021 Summer Hermit Hibernation

As is fast becoming an annual tradition, between work going into Christmas closure on Dec 24th and reopening on Jan 4th; I did my best to have zero human contact/interactions and spend the time lazing about watching random stuff and having no plan more than 15 minutes in advance. Was great, but felt especially brief this year compared to previous years. So here’s my comments on the stuff I watched:

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Autumn 2020 season review.

Another season is done and dusted and I’m really not sure how I feel about it. Maybe it’s just the ongoing COVID pandemic upsetting subconscious emotions (although we’re doing pretty well in Australia compared to other places) but this season felt weirdly unsatisfying. Not that things were bad but that things were really incomplete. And I found way more interest in several random shows I picked up apropos of nothing.

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